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Open Text Operation Feed 2001

Apr 27th to May 4th, 2001

Our Goal was to collect 4500 meals

In anticipation of this event, I ran out and bought that new digital camera I kept saying that I was going to get.
I got a Canon Powershot S20.
To kick things off on April 27th, we had a special breakfast served up by
Chris Cakes

On Tuesday, May 1st we have the Food Bowling Event
Teams of up to three people competed in this event. Each person was provided their choice of cabbage, onion, orange, or squash to use as a bowling ball.

On Wednesday, May 2nd, we had a Chili Lunch in the IDI/OT Cafe
There's one thing anyone can say about Open Text-Dublin. We like to eat. We like to cook. And we have some outstanding cooks in our midst, eight of whom will be bringing in their specialties for us to taste and judge. Be sure to try Paul's vegetarian sweet-potato chili that he says "destroys." At high noon on Wednesday, May 2, $5 will buy chili, cornbread, chips, an apple and a cookie (compliments of KishCo). All proceeds obviously go to Operation Feed.

We are the Little Company that Can!

On Friday, May 4th, our final event was the Car-Chair Race

What is it?

It is a four person relay race using one of our trusty office chairs! The rules are simple, one team member must PUSH the other member forward in the chair. Sounds simple right? Here’s the twist, the person in the chair must steer a remote control truck around the course as well! This is a timed relay event and the team with the lowest overall time is the winner

Organize a Team

Get a 4-person team together to raise money for Operation Feed! Each member of the team will take their turn in the office chair relay – switching up at the designated points in the hallways.

Is that all there is to it?

Of course not. There are ways to handicap your opponents of course! For each $1 you designate to an opposing team, 2 seconds will be added to their total time. You can help your team earn that spot in the winners circle by handicapping your opponents! Remember that the lowest time wins so a team who is a little slower may come out victorious if enough handicapping is done against your opponent! Handicapping will be done just prior to the race beginning.

The result was 5671 Meals

The Result