Lawrence Chen, P.Eng.
1530 College Ave, Unit A5, Manhattan, KS 66502-2768
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I am a hard working, analytical and effective problem solver, experienced in multitasking independently and in a team environment with minimal guidance, to meet project deadlines.


Senior Unix Systems Administrator Jul 2006 to Present
Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas
Maintenance of multiple enterprise-wide Solaris Unix-based services, including: Installation, maintenance, performance monitoring, tuning, configuration, and problem analysis of Solaris and Red Hat Linux based servers. Central e-mail (SMTP, IMAP, POP) maintenance and enhancement of current services. User account management (30,000+ users). Data backup services and disaster recovery. Design, implementation, and support of software projects. Development and deployment of new services and systems. Research and advising for new hardware and software purchases. Remain current in understanding of computer technologies. Expand and extend job skills. Provide training and support to campus UNIX administrators and support staff. Programming with Perl and UNIX shell scripts. System troubleshooting.
Principle responsibility for internal E-Mail systems, DNS and Big-IP LTM.

Software Engineer Sep 1999 to Dec 2005
Open Text, Inc. Dublin, Ohio
Engaged in the design, modification, development and implementation of software enhancements, and the investigation and resolution of software defects, in the Livelink Collections Server (BASIS) product. Also, involved with product build, release, and installation and regression testing. Working primarily on Unix/Linux platforms, mainly in the system interface layer in C, including IPC, Socket and multithreading (by replacing the use of POSIX AIO with an implementation using POSIX Threads. To overcome performance issues with Solaris AIO on non-pagesize read/writes to non-raw files), with some work in SLANG, Java, Perl and Shell (C, Korn, Bourne) scripting. Continued this role with the Livelink workflow module involving OScript, HTML and Javascript, with some work in the C++ system layer.

Also functioned as primary Unix (AIX, Solaris, HPUX, IRIX, DU/Tru64, and Linux) systems administrator for local site, which included the design, purchase and configuration of systems and having relationships with related vendors. Managed internal network services (including NFS, NIS, NTP, DNS, Samba), and mentored a co-worker in systems and network management.

Assisted with some electrical related matters in facility, specifically when the office relocated in 2002.

Consultant Apr 1998 to Sep 1999
APR, Inc. - Information Dimensions/Open Text, Inc. Dublin, Ohio
At Information Dimensions, Inc. (acquired by Open Text, Inc.) to solve a specific customer issue in BASIS in the C/Unix system specific layer. Continued on to perform additional software maintenance, build, release and a Linux port of the software.

Also assisted with local Unix systems management activities.

Computer/Research Engineer May 1990 to Oct 1997
Combustion Dynamics Ltd. Medicine Hat, Alberta
Worked in a small company environment doing C/Unix programming on a variety of defense and industry related contracts, along with full life cycle work on the commercial software product IFSAS (Integrated Fluid Structural Analysis Software). Other product/contract activities include DOS and Unix data processing software, VCS (Vehicle Control System) software, Aircraft and Payload control software. Software life cycle work included requirements, design, development, testing, release and maintenance. Development activities include programming in C/C++ under Unix and MSDOS, GUI programming in X/Motif and PeX, Unix shell scripting, database programming using Raima's dbVista, conversion of codes from FORTRAN to C to C++, the porting of codes to Unix and across Unix platforms. Unix platforms employed in the office include Interactive Unix, Solaris 2.x, HP-UX 9/10, IRIX, OSF/1 and SCO. In the role of release and maintenance, had responsibility for some software modules. Also involved in internal and some direct customer support.

In addition to software development, have also performed many other duties in the office, these include the design, implementation and operation of Unix systems and networking and simple hardware configuration, troubleshooting and servicing.

Additionally, was responsible for electrical safety in the office and lab, and did some electrical systems design for the combustion research lab. Also conducted literature searches and document ordering.

Junior Land Analyst Summer 1989
Esso Resources Canada Limited Calgary, Alberta
Worked in "Production-Property Divestment and Consolidation", investigating company interests in Bid Package Properties held by various Imperial Oil companies. Test and Troubleshoot the Esso to Texaco Mainframe connection.

Summer Student Summer 1986, Summer 1987, Summer 1988
Texaco Canada Resources Calgary, Alberta
Test and Troubleshoot Computer Software Systems, Encode Land Data in Computer Mappable Form, Encode Land Data in Stratigraphic Retrieval Form, and Encode Pipleline Easements in Computer Mappable Form.


What's New in Solaris 11 Express June 2011
SANS - SEC546 - IPv6 Essentials April 2011
NetBackup 6.5 for Solaris Administration June 2008
Big-IP LTM 9.x Essentials & Advanced Topics Feb 2008
Solaris 10 Features for Experiences Systems Administrators May 2007
Java Programming January 2005

B.Sc. In Electrical Engineering Sep 1986 to Apr 1990
University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta
  • Minor in Computer Engineering
  • Scholarship: Texaco Merit Scholarship for four years.

Advanced High School Diploma with Excellence Sep 1983 to Jun 1986
Sir Winston Churchill High School Calgary, Alberta
  • Citizenship Service
  • CBE Industrial Education Bursary
  • Computer Subject
  • Alberta Heritage Rutherford Scholarship


  1. Electronics - certificate for 625 hours in High School
  2. Computers and Internet - have personal website & blog
  3. Programming - work experience in C/C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, BASIC, Perl, OScript, HTML, SLANG, shell scripting, some Java/Javascript
  4. Home Theatre Enthusiast
  5. Eight years in Scouting - Attended 1 National and 1 International Scout Jamboree
  6. Interest in Photography
  7. Experience in various computer operating systems, including: MSDOS, AmigaDOS, VMS, Multics, Unix (SysVR3.2, SunOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, HPUX, AIX, OSF/1), Linux (RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu)
  8. Volunteer Systems and Graphics programmer on computer systems at the University of Calgary Health Sciences Center.
  9. Data Communications and Network - Ran UUCP/Usenet site and BBS.
    Home network includes DNS, DHCP, NFS, Samba, NTP, FreeRADIUS, backuppc, and WiFi.
  10. Amateur Radio - VE6LKC - Advanced Qualifications & W0LKC - Extra + VE
    Operated Packet Radio BBS for CYS-NET (for the Prairie Rose Regional School Division)
  11. Canadian Red Cross - Volunteer
  12. Provided Emergency Communications during the Medicine Hat Flood of 1995
  13. South Eastern Alberta Regional Science Fair Judge - 1991-1997
  14. Grader for Franklin County and Ohio State Mathcounts - 2002-2006


  1. APEGGA - Registered Professional Engineer: December 1994
    Served on Medicine Hat/Brooks Brach
  2. NSPE/OSPE - FCC PEI Trustee 2003-2005
  3. IEEE and various societies
  4. Tetra Society - Assistive Devices to Independent Living
    co-founded Medicine Hat chapter — Served as Treasurer 1995-1998 and Program Coordinator 1996-1998
  5. PRAXIS - A society dedicated to the advancement of science literacy in Alberta's Youth.
  6. Medicine Hat Amateur Radio Club
    1993-1994: Secretary and Newsletter Editor
  7. Medicine Hat Community Network (Free-Net) Association - Cofounder
    1993-1995: Co-chair of steering committee
    1995-1997: Vice President, system design, setup and administration
  8. USENIX/SAGE 2007-
  9. LOPSA: League of Professional Systems Administrators 2008-


  1. Zhang, F., Tran, D., Chen, L., Penrose, J., Thibault, P., "A Cell-Based Adaptively-Refined Cartesian Algorithm for Unsteady Euler Equations", pp. 239-246, Proceedings of CFD'95 Vol. 1, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1995.
  2. Link, R., Tran, D., Chen, L., Thibault, P.A., Norwood, M., Slater, J., "Solution of Fully-Coupled 2-D and 3-D FSI Programs for Compressible Flows", pp. 71-78, Proceedings of CFD'95 Vol. 2, Banff, Alberta, Canada, 1995.


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